Bradcorp’s proposal for North Wilton has been developed over many years with the aim of creating a new community that will be the jewel of the southwest, providing the homes, jobs, infrastructure and natural environment that will support a modern, healthy lifestyle.

The largest landholding within the proposed Wilton New Town, declared a priority growth area by the NSW Government, North Wilton represents a $3.5 billion investment with a development timeline of around 10-15 years.

Bradcorp, together with a consortium of Wilton New Town landowners, is currently seeking rezoning which will provide the landowners with the certainty required to proceed to the next planning phase.

Bradcorp Chief Executive Peter Brennan said concerns raised by Wollondilly Councillors had been addressed in the rezoning proposal and in undertakings presented to the NSW Government.

“With a project of such scale we would expect the Council to want assurance that essential infrastructure and amenity are properly considered,” said Mr Brennan.

“Wilton New Town has been proposed as a private sector growth centre with infrastructure funded by the proponents. It is envisaged as a self-supporting garden city providing homes, employment and facilities that represent the very best town planning and place-making principles.”

Bradcorp’s commitment includes a $178 million contribution to fund essential infrastructure including:

  • Protection of the freight corridor
  • Off and on ramps to the Hume Highway
  • Direct access off-ramp to connect to Bingara Gorge
  • Funding for a bus interchange
  • A road network that provides for efficient bus operation and bus access to Picton, Campbelltown and Wollongong with regular peak services commencing early and increasing to every 15 to 20 minutes as the population grows.
  • Provision for a Public K-12 site when the population warrants
  • Private K-12 school site (already committed with first stage of development)
  • Lake to treat waste water
  • Playing field as part of the district sports facility
  • Four local playing fields

Mr Brennan said safeguards were in place to ensure timely and upfront delivery of infrastructure to support the new community.

The Wilton New Town Masterplan also includes retention of a heavy rail corridor though any decision in relation to rail was a matter for government, Mr Brennan said.

The development of North Wilton West promises a jobs boom for the southwest with around 1000 construction jobs over the life of the project and many thousands more as the population increases and the development matures.

Wilton New Town is projected to be home to around 35,000 people creating opportunities for a range of professional, retail and service industries.

North Wilton is proposed to provide 5400 homes for approximately 15,000 residents and the creation of around 5500 jobs.

A comprehensive employment strategy envisages the key areas of employment will be in education, allied health, aged care, service and retail and small to medium enterprise, phased to align with the growth of the community.

Mr Brennan said the first phase of development would generate construction related employment including managerial and entrepreneurial opportunities.

“NSW is currently the powerhouse economy of Australia and much of that success can be attributed to the infrastructure boom that is underway,” said Mr Brennan.

“We want to see that infrastructure advantage extended to the south-west of Sydney so that the people within this community have the opportunity to share the wealth with jobs close to where they live.

“A large development project such as North Wilton not only generates jobs directly but has a multiplier effect that will see allied industries and small businesses benefit.

“Once the seeds of the community are in place new opportunities arise. People need shops, doctors, accountants, restaurants, cafes, motor mechanics, schools and teachers, aged care workers, hairdressers, beauticians.

“But it doesn’t happen instantly; it is an incremental process that we have considered and planned for, having consulted widely with the community and Council. We will continue the consultation process so that this community, which Bradcorp has been a part of for many years, can feel confident that North Wilton will deliver the jobs and infrastructure that is promised as well as preserving the natural beauty of this region.”

North Wilton – Main Features

  • Lakeside activity hub with cafes, health facilities, restaurants, ‘smart’ workplaces, shops, recreation and entertainment uses.
  • 11-hectare man-made lake which forms part of an integrated wastewater treatment cycle, surrounded by parks and pathways, and suitable for some water sports.
  • Approximately 5,500 new local jobs with a special focus on ‘knowledge & professional services’ and ‘health & education’ sectors.
  • Eight walkable neighbourhoods with a diverse range of housing types and living experiences suited to a variety of families and households.
  • Around 5,400 new dwellings, including terrace houses, to assist in meeting Sydney’s demand for housing supply.
  • Major State infrastructure to make Wilton New Town highly accessible to the regional road network.
  • New schools and educational facilities to support local learning and employment.
  • Green grid of local parks, active sports fields and boulevards that link to the surrounding native bushland, encompassing over 47 hectares of open space.
  • 22 km of walking and cycle paths
  • A blue grid of man-made and natural water features that connect to the Nepean River.
  • Conservation of around 320 hectares of native bushland and waterways.