Helping build better communities

Bradcorp prides itself on being part of the communities in which it operates. Setting a benchmark of corporate giving that is open and transparent, socially responsible and assists build better communities, continues to be the heart of what we do.

Bradcorp’s Community Partnership Fund supports not-for-profit organisations in the Camden and Wollondilly Shires of southwest Sydney in funding community projects unable to attract funds or supplementing funds from traditional government sources.

The Fund and its many fundraising efforts, have been widely praised for their contribution to the wellbeing of the entire Macarthur region leaving enduring legacies especially in areas of education, health, culture, sport and local enterprise.

Since its inception in July 1998, the Fund has donated almost $4 million to the local community from small to larger organisations. Examples include:

  • $56,000 towards sun shelters at six schools in Macarthur
  • $215,000 toward the construction and furnishing of the Wollondilly Youth Hub
  • A major donation to establish the Peter Brennan Chair of General Practice in the School of Medicine at the University of Western Sydney to help address the critical health needs of the Greater West’s growing population, and in doing so, helped elevate the medical faculty of UWS School of Medicine to the point where it is now considered an Australian leader in medical education and research.

We work closely with local residents to ensure a sense of pride and ownership in their community through the Fund and our quality people and place-oriented developments.