Leading developer Bradcorp today announced it had reached an agreement with mining company South32 in regard to the North Wilton project, a community-focused housing and employment development planned for South West Sydney.

Under the agreement, South32 has agreed to relinquish rights under Bradcorp’s land to facilitate rezoning for residential purposes, allowing development to proceed without potential impact from future underground mining.

Bradcorp’s 870-hectare North Wilton is the largest land holding within the proposed Wilton New Town. Wilton New Town was declared by Priority Growth Area by the NSW Government last year.

Bradcorp’s $3.5 billion North Wilton project envisages plans for a community with 5,400 homes for approximately 15,000 residents and the creation of 5,500 jobs. Bradcorp last year entered into an agreement with the Anglican Schools Corporation for a K-12 school to be located beside the Lakes Precinct, and has committed to the conservation of around 320 hectares of native bushland and waterways.

Bradcorp Chief Executive Peter Brennan said the agreement with South32 was a win for the community and sensible land-use planning.

“This agreement delivers certainty to the community around the future town and is a great step forward in delivering our vision for a self-contained community that will include a range of nearby community, recreation, commercial, retail, health and education services as well as civic and cultural facilities,” said Mr Brennan.

“Future residents will have the peace of mind that they can live and raise their families in a sustainable living environment.”

Bradcorp, together with a consortium of landowners, is seeking the rezoning of 2,700 hectares of land to create a new garden city, Wilton New Town, comprising 12,000 homes for around 35,000 residents, a major new town centre and over 11,000 permanent new jobs.

A planned 11-hectare lake will form the community and recreational hub for residents, their families and friends.

Mr Brennan said North Wilton, in an area of extraordinary natural beauty, framed by the Razorback Ranges and interspersed with rivers, creeks and ridges, would provide residents with an ideal living and working environment.

“Our future residents will have the best of both country and city lifestyle in a healthy community built upon the best town planning and place-making principles,” he said.

Following the agreement with South 32, Bradcorp and South 32 will now work with the State Government which is responsible for giving formal consent to the arrangement.

Mr Brennan said that Bradcorp will continue to work with the community and Wollondilly Shire Council throughout the rezoning process.

North Wilton – Main Features

  • Lakeside activity hub with cafes, health facilities, restaurants, ‘smart’ workplaces, shops, recreation and entertainment uses.
  • 11-hectare man-made lake which forms part of an integrated wastewater treatment cycle, surrounded by parks and pathways, and suitable for some water sports.
  • Approximately 5,500 new local jobs with a special focus on ‘knowledge & professional services’ and ‘health & education’ sectors.
  • Eight walkable neighbourhoods with a diverse range of housing types and living experiences suited to a variety of families and households.
  • Around 5,400 new dwellings, including terrace houses, to assist in meeting Sydney’s demand for housing supply.
  • Major State infrastructure to make Wilton New Town highly accessible to the regional road network.
  • New schools and educational facilities to support local learning and employment.
  • Green grid of local parks, active sports fields and boulevards that link to the surrounding native bushland, encompassing over 47 hectares of open space.
  • 22 km of walking and cycle paths
  • A blue grid of man-made and natural water features that connect to the Nepean River.
  • Conservation of around 320 hectares of native bushland and waterways.