Bingara Gorge, the new $1 billion master planned community in Sydney’s south-west, has received accreditation as the Housing Industry Association’s inaugural “GreenSmart Advanced Estate” for its many outstanding sustainability features.

HIA GreenSmart General Manager, Janine Nechwatal, presented Delfin Lend Lease with its accreditation certificate at the Darling Harbour Exhibition Centre in the GreenSmart Building Zone as part of the HIA’s “Home Week”.

Ms Nechwatal said: “This project is a significant advance in the way a master planned community has been designed to incorporate a range of environmental features. It is worthy of receiving an advanced accreditation in the HIA GreenSmart program, making it the first GreenSmart Advanced Estate in Australia”.

Delfin Lend Lease’s landmark Bingara Gorge residential community was recognised for its many sustainability initiatives, including:
The complex stormwater reuse strategy resulting in 100 per cent reuse within the site
A private sewer treatment plant which treats household and commercial sewer and water waste and recycles it for household and commercial use and golf course/open space irrigation
120 hectares of environmental land which is transferred to the community for beneficial use and eco linkage
Concept and urban design, resulting in sustainable orientation on the block and good solar design
Building and siting guidelines encouraging sustainable home design
Waste minimisation during construction which will result in 97 per cent recycling for home construction waste
Bingara Gorge Project Director, Paul Gerlach, said the advanced accreditation is an outstanding achievement for the project. “We’re proud to be able to deliver the first GreenSmart Display Village at Bingara Gorge. We have gone to great lengths to ensure this community will be at the cutting edge of environmental performance,” he said.

“Bingara Gorge’s innovative $7.7 million stormwater management and sewage re-use scheme exceeded the State Government’s defined BASIX Sustainability Target and will save up to 50 per cent of potable water, compared to the 40 per cent saving in the Government’s targets.

“The development will have 120 hectares of bushland, the equivalent of 27 per cent of the site, maintained and protected by an Environmental Trust that will involve the residents. The Environmental Trust represents the world’s best practice and will be the first of its type and scale in Australia to be established and managed by residents through the Community Title Association. The Trust will include representatives from various local community groups.”

Bingara Gorge performed outstandingly in the categories covered in the accreditation. Some of the community’s features which are also recognised in the GreenSmart checklist include:

  • Land lots situated along the north-south/east-west axis to optimise solar orientation and access
  • Use of deciduous trees along the north-south axis to allow light into homes in winter; and eucalypts along the east-west axis for shading
  • Protection of views, control of overshadowing and glare from roofs, and protection of flora and fauna
  • Implementation of erosion and sediment control plans
  • Protection of heritage buildings
  • On-site rainwater and retention tanks and efficient water management and water features
  • Innovation in environmental design
  • Use of energy-efficient street lights and solar-powered features

Mr Gerlach said Bingara Gorge was proud to be recognised as one of Australia’s leading sustainability performers.

“This is going to be a great place to live largely because of the wonderful setting,” he said. “It has always been a priority for us to protect the local environment, while incorporating sustainability measures that are world’s best practice.”

Bingara Gorge will include 1,165 residential lots, a country club and 18-hole championship golf course designed by one of the world’s top-ranked golfers, Ernie Els. It will feature a school, childcare centre, village centre with shops and commercial uses, 18km of paths and trails and high-quality sporting facilities through the creation of 8ha of sports fields.

“Bingara Gorge will be a place that people will be proud to call home and is expected to house more than 3,500 residents by 2020,” Mr Gerlach said. “It will provide a benchmark for future residential developments on Sydney’s fringe in terms of quality, sustainability and lifestyle.”