Commitment to infrastructure and connectivity

Bradcorp and the other two principle landowners in Wilton New Town have committed more than $500 million to the delivery of state and local infrastructure to support the new community.

Freight and rail corridors will be preserved and there will be strong connections with major centres and infrastructure nodes in Western Sydney, including the future Western Sydney Airport, Sydney’s Priority Growth Areas, future M9 Orbital and Western Sydney Employment Area.

In its offer to Government, the Bradcorp component of contributions to State infrastructure delivers over 70 per cent of its infrastructure requirement at only 23 per cent of the project’s development.

Bradcorp welcomes the recent commitment from Greater Sydney Commission interim commissioner Geoff Roberts that he would work with Wollondilly Council to ensure the Commission’s district plan reflects the need for supporting transport in and around Wilton New Town. Bradcorp was an active participant at the council’s Trax for the Future Rail Symposium and supports the development of an integrated public transport and road approach to the region which includes the preservation of rail corridors for future use.

North Wilton Hume Highway ramp plans

Bradcorp has also confirmed that it will fund an additional ramp off the Hume Highway – identified in the Department of Planning and Environment’s plans – that will provide direct access to its land to the west of the Hume Highway for vehicles coming from the north. This investment includes the bringing forward of construction of the north facing ramp and duplication of the bridge over the highway. The road projects will be delivered prior to the construction of new homes. Once completed, the new access route will allow direct access to North Wilton for vehicles, including construction traffic.

There has been clear public support for a solution such as this that managed construction and future vehicular traffic to Bradcorp’s land and avoided the use of Pembroke Parade and Fairway Drive.

Support has also been expressed for additional emergency services access and egress to Bingara Gorge and for improved connectivity across the Hume Highway, to the proposed schools, town centres and amenities of Wilton New Town – which the new investment will provide.

Improving the road, cycling and public transport network

Bradcorp proposes to deliver additional off and on ramps to the Hume Highway to provide vehicle access to Wilton New Town that is separate from the Hume Highway/Picton Road Interchange.

This includes a second direct access off ramp to provide more convenient access to North Wilton and Bingara Gorge.

There will also be a pedestrian bridge over the Hume Highway to enable a pedestrian and cycling transport connection to Bingara Gorge.

North Wilton Hume Highway ramp plans

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North Wilton will be designed to provide a safe commute for residents, unlocking and activating the much-needed practical public transport routes, employment, health and education precincts both at the Lake Hub and the Town Centre.

There will be bus access to Picton, Campbelltown and Wollongong with regular peak services commencing early and increasing to every 15 to 20 minutes as the population grows. There is $8 million set aside to subsidise local bus services or innovative ‘on demand’ buses. Residents will also be able to explore 22km of cycle and walking paths.

North Wilton cycling path (artist impression)