Protecting and enhancing the environment

North Wilton is designed with the environment in mind, preserving a substantial amount of isolated tree patches, paddocks and windrows. There will be around 390 hectares of continuous connecting green canopy surrounding the development, incorporating existing trees into a fauna corridor, streets and open space areas.

Bradcorp intends to plant new native trees throughout the urban area, including along roadsides and within reserves. The project includes conservation of waterways and around 352 hectares of native bushland. Bradcorp’s conservation areas align with the primary corridors identified by the Office of Environment and Heritage for the protection and conservation of the local koala population.

The 11-hectare man-made lake forms part of an integrated wastewater treatment cycle and Bradcorp is partnering with a leading energy provider for smart city approach with renewable energy, cheaper electricity bills and reduced reliance on the grid.

North Wilton plans will provide significant green space