Planning for jobs close to home

North Wilton is expected to generate 5,500 jobs with a special focus on ‘knowledge & professional services’ and ‘health & education’ sectors.

The 11-hectare lake-side activity hub is itself expected to deliver approximately 1,400 jobs by:

  • Activating various commercial activities and enterprises, attracted to the aesthetic and recreational functions of the lake
  • Co-locating education and training services, entertainment, recreational and community-based activities to activate the lakeside area both day and night
  • Fostering a business incubator concept and ‘smart’ spaces for people to work close to home.
  • Offering a range of health services from those that support young families to services for aged care.
  • Encouraging local specialty shopping, restaurants, cafes and small bars which would attract residents and visitors.

Additionally, between 900 and 1200 construction jobs will be created, depending on the rate of dwelling construction.

North Wilton Lake employment (artist impression)