Bradcorp is one of three landowners working co-operatively with Wollondilly Shire Council to deliver a new town at Wilton delivering high quality new housing, employment close to home, supporting infrastructure and services and a range of complementary land uses.

Bradcorp’s intensive work with other landowners drafting a high-level Masterplan and a suite of supporting studies has led to the NSW Government recognising the strategic value of the locality, and developing the Wilton Priority Growth Area. The NSW Government has increased the potential home delivery from 11,000 to approximately 16,000 dwellings and will result in an increase in the 11,000 jobs originally envisaged.

Bradcorp and the partnerships commitment to the vision, and their concerted engagement with the community and stakeholders has been a driving force in delivering homes, employment and recreational opportunities.

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment has released a Wilton Growth Area Structure Plan. To view the plan go to Plans for your area.

View the latest Wilton New Town Master Plan.

Talk Wilton New Town Website


North Wilton Cycle Path


North Wilton Lake (artist impression)


Wilton Growth Area Plan